N. O’Dwyer, N. Johnson, E. Bates, R. Pagés, J. Ondřej, K. Amplianitis, D. Monaghan, A. Smolić
VARCI 2017: Workshop on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality meet Creative Industries
Publication year: 2017


Since the early years of the twenty-first century, the performing arts have been party to an increasing number of digital media projects bring renewed attention to questions about, on one hand, new working processes involving capture and distribution techniques, and on the other hand, how particular works – with bespoke hard and software – can exert an efficacy over how work is created by the artist/producer or received by the audience. The evolution of author/audience criteria demand that digital arts practice modify aesthetic and storytelling strategies, to types that are more appropriate to communicating ideas over interactive digital networks, wherein AR/VR technologies are rapidly becoming the dominant interface. This project explores these redefined criteria through a reimagining of Samuel Becketts Play (1963) for digital culture. This paper offers an account of the working processes, the aesthetic and technical considerations that guide artistic decisions and how we attempt to place the overall work in the state of the art.