Rafael Pag├ęs, Jan Ondrej, Konstantinos Amplianitis, Sergio Arnaldo, Valeria Olyunina
US20220245885A1, United States
Publication year: 2022
A method for generating a moving volumetric image of a moving object from data recorded by a user-held device comprising: acquiring, from the user-held device, video and depth data of the moving object, and pose data; and communicating the acquired data to a computing module. Then, processing the video data to extract images that are segmented to form segmented images; passing the segmented images, depth data and pose data through a processing module to form a sequence of volumetric meshes defining the outer surface of the moving object; rendering the sequence of volumetric meshes with a visual effect at least partly determined from the video data to form a rendered moving volumetric image; and communicating the rendered moving volumetric image to at least one device including the user-held device. Then, displaying, at a display of the at least one device, the rendered moving volumetric image.